Printing & Copying

Description and usage of printing and copying machines in Montante Family Library.

Printing Facilities

  • Location: Wireless printing is available on floors 2, 3 and 4 of the library. Additional printing is available in the Computing Lab maintained by the Academic Computing Department.
  • Cost: Printing in the Library is currently free, however, if abuse of printing privileges becomes rampant, a print cost management solution may be implemented.
  • Problems: If the printer is out of paper or has a paper jam, contact the Library staff member at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.

Copying Facilities

  • Location: Copiers are located on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the Library.
  • Cost: $0.15 per page (U.S. currency)
  • VendaCard machine: Located on the 2nd floor of the Library near the copier. VendaCards can be used in the copiers. The card costs $1.00 but can be used repeatedly by adding to the balance of the card.
  • Problems: If the copier is out of paper or has a paper jam, contact the Library staff member at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.
  • Refunds are given only for reasons due to machine malfunction and not for operator error.

Microform Printing

  • Microforms: Printing is available from the microfiche readers and the microfilm readers.
  • Location: Microform readers and printers are located on the 1st floor of the Library in the microforms room.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Assistance/Problems: If you would like assistance using the microform readers or printers, or if there is a problem with one of the machines, contact the Periodicals Assistant (829-8149) or the Circulation Desk (829-7618) or the Research Desk (829-7747). There is a phone in the microform room with these numbers listed near the phone.

Printing & Copying Policies

Compliance with the policies and guidelines for the use of Library printing and copying facilities is expected as part of participation in an academic community. Failure to comply with the Montante Family Library policies, or failure to behave in an ethically responsible manner, may result in the loss of Library privileges.

Abuse of  Privileges

The following examples are considered to be abuses of printing and copying privileges and are strictly prohibited:

  • The printing of information unrelated to research or the pursuit of scholarship.
  • Printing in excess of 50 pages, regardless of the number of documents.
  • Printing more than one copy of an electronic reserve document.
  • The reproduction or duplication of any copyrighted materials for purposes other than private study, scholarship, or research, or the printing of multiple copies of copyrighted materials, as stipulated in the "fair use" section of Title 17 of the U.S. Code.
  • Any intentional damage or modification to Library copiers, printers, or to the controls, configurations, or settings of the equipment.


Research Desk
Phone: (716) 829-7747
Text: refdesk to 66746

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