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Printing & Copying

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Printing, scanning, and copying facilities are all available at The Montante Family Library.

Printing Facilities

  • Location: Printing is available in the Computing Lab maintained by the Helpdesk Department.
  • Problems: If a printer is out of paper or has a paper jam, contact the Library staff member at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.

Copying Facilities

  • A scanner is located on the first floor Computing Lab. Students may scan their items and then print them from the Computing Lab printers.

Microform Printing

  • Microforms: Printing is available from the microfiche readers and the microfilm readers.
  • Location: Microform readers and printers are located on the 1st floor of the Library in the microforms room.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Assistance/Problems: If you would like assistance using the microform readers or printers, or if there is a problem with one of the machines, contact the Periodicals Assistant (829-8149) or the Circulation Desk (829-7618) or the Research Desk (829-7747). There is a phone in the microform room with these numbers listed near the phone.

Printing/Copying Policy for Alumni

Available sizes for printing and the related charge are:

8.5 x11 black & white = $.06.
8.5 x11 color = $.25
11x17 black & white = $.12
11x17 color = $.50

If you print two-sided, each side will count as one copy, no matter the size of paper or color option.

In order to purchase copies, please visit the Student Accounts office (KAB 211), or through a vending machine located in the DAC computer lab. D'Youville reserves the right to adjust this rate in the future.

The vending machine in the DAC computer lab will accept U.S. coin or bills, but no credit/debit cards. The Student Accounts office will accept cash, check and credit/debit cards and requires a minimum purchase of $5.00

At campus print locations you will swipe in your card to begin printing.  Each time you go to print you will be notified of the balance in your account.

Wireless printing will no longer be available in the library.

Items sent to the printer queue will be held for 24 hours from   the time it was sent. After 24 hours the item will be deleted from the queue.

Copyright Policy

Downloading copyrighted material without purchase or authorization is illegal and against D'Youville Computing Policies.

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