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Library Instruction Classes

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Instruction classes are designed to help students develop the skills needed to conduct college-level research and are held regularly throughout the academic semester.

Library Instruction

Library instruction classes are regularly scheduled throughout each academic semester. Sessions are designed to help students develop the basic and essential skills needed to conduct college-level research. Each session reviews the library resources and services so that students may independently and confidently locate, evaluate, and use information that supports their academic pursuits.

The Library Instruction Room is located on the library's 4th floor and is equipped with 20 Internet-accessible computer workstations. Classes are strictly limited to 30 students.

All faculty members wishing to schedule library instruction classes should complete an instruction request form.


  • Faculty members wishing to schedule library instruction classes may complete the online request form or call Mark Bialkowski at 716-829-8106.
  • Library instruction classes must be scheduled at least one week in advance.

Attending Library Instruction Classes

  • Because the number of computer workstations is limited, classes cannot exceed 30 students at a time. Large classes may be split so that portions of the class attend different library instruction sessions. Instruction can be arranged in larger classrooms on campus or in off-campus sites at the discretion of the librarian.
  • If a faculty member wants the content of a library instruction class tailored to meet specific course objectives or student needs, the faculty member must provide the library with a current class work assignment and/or a syllabus.
  • Faculty members must be present with their students during all library instruction classes.
  • Faculty and students are expected to arrive promptly and meet the librarian in the front lobby near the security desk.

Video Instruction Tutorials

We have also created a series of instructional videos that highlight search techniques for a variety of library resources. Examples of animations include how to find books and journal articles using Spartan Search, configuring Google Scholar and tips for finding peer reviewed articles.

Attention faculty members

We can create customized animations for your class that can be embedded into the Learning Management System so that your students can learn how to search at their convenience. Please contact Ted Sherman at or 716-829-8116 for additional information on this option.