Wireless Printing

Windows XP Wireless Printing Instructions for Library

  1. From the Start menu, choose "Printers and Faxes"

    Windows start menu

  2. Select "Add a Printer" under "Printer Tasks". This will open the "Add Printer Wizard" Click Next.

  3. Select "Local Printer" and make sure that the box entitled "Automatically detect and install my plug and play printer" is not checked.

    Printer selection window

    Click Next

  4. Select "Create a new Port" and choose "Standard TCP/IP port from dropdown menu.

    Port selection menu

    Click Next

  5. The "Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port" Wizard Appears. Click Next.

  6. Enter desired printer IP address (addresses in table at right). The second box will automatically be filled.

    printer selection window

  7. Click on Finish and you will return to the "Print Wizard"

  8. Select "HP" for Manufacturer and then select appropriate printer model.

    Printer model selection menu

  9. Name the printer – use a name that you will remember

  10. Continue clicking next until process is finished.

You are now ready to print!

Printer Information

Location IP Address Model
2nd Floor HP LaserJet 3015
3rd Floor HP LaserJet 2055
4th Floor HP LaserJet 4250

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