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Login Basics

Library resources require you to login when off-campus. The login is tied to the campus maintained LDAP system and not the library. You will use the same username and password that you would use to login to your D'Youville email account or to Canvas. Note: Do not include as part of the username when trying to login.

Login Denied

Double-check that you have entered your credentials correctly. Most "Login Denied" requests are due to incorrect password entries.

The format of your username is typically the first 5 characters of your last name + the first character of your first name + your 2 digit day of birth.

Name: Amy Donaldson + Date of Birth: January 15 = Username: donala15

Once you have determined that you are entering the correct username/password but still get the "Login Denied" message, you will want to visit the D'Youville Webmail site to make sure that your password is current. You may need to update your password.

If you don't know your password contact the Help Desk at 716-829-8282 or email to request a password reset.

Other Common Problems

Recommended browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Many library patrons have found that problems with one browser are not present with another browser. Make sure that you are using a current or recent version of the browser software.

Check Your Browser Settings


Is your browser set to accept cookies? Your Internet browser should be set to accept cookies. Check your browser's Help file for instructions on cookie settings.

Cookie Settings Instructions by Browser

Popup Blocker Settings

If you are using a browser or firewall that blocks popups, you may need to change the settings of the browser or firewall to allow popups temporarily for a particular site or for the duration of your session.

Popup Blocker Instructions by Browser

Proxy Settings

If you have your browser set for a specific proxy server, you may need to change the browser settings to automatically detect proxy settings.

Proxy Setting Instructions by Browser


Clear Browser Cookies

Problems can occur when corrupt cookies are sometimes saved to your browser while searching the library databases. These will often cause problems with future sessions. If you're unable to access a database that you recently visited then you will want to delete your browser's cookies. Web browsers will typically let you delete all cookies or cookies from a specific site. Delete cookies from to resolve this issue.

See the links above for help with deleting cookies.

Software Conflicts

Web accelerator and spyware protection software can also cause issues when trying to access our databases. If you are using software in these categories try temporarily disabling or turning off the software while accessing the databases.

Contact the Digital Services Librarian at 716-829-8116 during normal library hours if you are still unable to connect.

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