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Collection Development & Policy

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The Montante Family Library collection is an evolving resource that is created and maintained to support D'Youville's academic mission of research and scholarship.

Collection Development

The Montante Family Library collection consists of books, periodicals, online databases, audiovisual materials, and microforms, all of which are either purchased through the Acquisitions Librarian, or acquired through gifts to the library. Materials purchased for the collection are based upon the cumulative decisions of the college librarians, and the recommendations of DYC faculty, students and staff. The library collection is an ongoing, evolving resource that is built and maintained to support DYC's academic mission of research and scholarship.

Collection Development Policies

  • Based upon the highest principles of academic librarianship, the Library supports the academic disciplines that compose DYC's core curricula--not any single class or course. As such, the library does not purchase course text books, nor does it unnecessarily purchase multiple copies of any title.
  • Faculty members wishing to recommend the purchase of books or audiovisual materials for the Library collection should consult the library's Acquisitions Librarian.
  • Faculty members wishing to recommend the purchase of periodicals for the Library collection should consult the Library's Periodicals Librarian.
  • Faculty members wishing to recommend the purchase of online databases for the Library collection should consult the Library's Systems Librarian.
  • The Library has very strict and specific procedures with which to purchase materials, and as such, cannot purchase "review" items for or from DYC faculty members. Acquisition requests and recommendations should be submitted to the Acquisitions Librarian, or to the Subject Specialist that is responsible for that particular subject matter.

Electronic Resources Use Policy

The Montante Family Library licenses electronic resources for the individual, non-commercial, research and learning needs of the D’Youville College community. Each user is responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of these licenses. Failure to do so can result in the loss of access to a resource for the entire DYC community.

Our licenses prohibit the following activities:

  • Allowing anyone other than the authorized user to have access to licensed resources.
  • Downloading entire journal issues or major portions of ebooks.
  • Using software or other tools to systematically download licensed content.
  • Using licensed resources for commercial purposes.
  • Modifying or creating a derivative work from licensed content or modifying or removing any copyright notices in the licensed content.

Many resources have more detailed Terms and Conditions of use; please see individual product sites for more information.

Use of any library resource constitutes acceptance of D’Youville’s Computing and Internet Policies.

If you have any questions, please Ask a Librarian.

Print Journal Collection Policy

The Montante Family Library seeks to collect, preserve, and provide access to materials in a variety of formats to support the research, teaching, and service mission of D’Youville College. The library additionally seeks consortial arrangements that will maximize its ability to acquire and access scholarly materials.

  • The library will subscribe to a variety of English language, print and electronic journals to support the courses and programs offered at D’Youville College.
  • The library maintains a link resolver for access to content from off campus for affiliated users.
  • Additions and reductions to the print journal collection are based on need and funding.
New subscriptions

The library uses a number of factors to evaluate titles to add to the collection. Journals requested by faculty, those heavily requested through interlibrary loan, titles embargoed or not available online, cost, and titles supporting programs of study offered at DYC are given first priority.

Cancellations and Exchanges

There are a variety of reasons the collection is evaluated and titles are selected for cancellation. The following criteria are considered in the decision to cancel a print journal subscription:

  • Prohibitive cost
  • Full text is available online (duplication of information)
  • Subject is no longer relevant to current programs
  • Level of usage
  • Physical condition
  • Accessibility in local collections

For more information, contact Jill Church, Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian.

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